Message to the Australian CAM community

Urgent message to the Australian CAM Community


Complementary medicine and natural therapies are under serious threat from regulatory change and bias, threatening the livelihoods of suppliers, manufacturers and practitioners. That’s the whole industry – patients and all!

Designed to address this critical problem, the Your Health Your Choice campaign has reached 81,500 signatures, but 100,000 signatures is the magic number to seriously turn political heads.

This magic number needs to be achieved by June 30th this year – just a few weeks away. Only 18,690 signatures to go. Can we do more than that?

With enough support from you, absolutely!

Can you help by sending this message to your clients, staff, friends, family – anyone who is employed in the CAM industry?

Practitioners, Associations, Organisations, Companies and consumers can all help.



  1. It takes a few seconds to sign up to the campaign at A letter is then automatically generated to your local MP! International signatures count too.
  2. Email your professional network – forward this email to your peers
  3. Email your clients – click here to find the template to copy and paste to your patients
  4. Tell everyone in your newsletters & blogs
  5. Share on Facebook (a ‘like’ must be supported by a sign-up)
  6. Share on Twitter – #yourhealthyourchoice
  7. Donate to support the campaign

Help to achieve a Senate Inquiry into bias and an investigation into the negative government reports on 17 natural therapies being used to influence restrictive regulatory change and erode public confidence in CAM therapies.

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