Dear Friends,

The Annual Conference of the Medical Section in 2017 will be on the topic “Warmth”. We are very happy about this theme, because it meets our nursing profession in its core.

This Annual Conference also focuses on the so called Five CARE- Themes which have been identified on the last ICAM Conference.

  • Pregnancy, birth, early childhood
  • Infections, fever, microbiotical resistance
  • Anxiety, depression, mental disorders, sleeping disorders
  • Oncology
  • Palliative Care, end of life care


The Warmth topic goes through these 5 CARE themes.

We have 3 slots for specific nursing or interdisciplinary workshops. Each workshop has four 90 min. units. Now we are looking for proposals to cover two of these workshops. One is still set on “Warmth qualities in external applications, relationships and consciousness”

Are you interested to offer a workshop on one of the CARE Themes or specifically on warmth?


It is also possible to offer a contribution in the timeline of the Professional Groups (two units, e. 90 min. They can also be multiprofessional!)


Please send me your proposals until 15. Nov. 2016. We need to know:

Theme, Title

Name of speaker(s)

Workshop A (4 units) or

Workshop B (2 units)



Dates of the conference: September, 14th – September 17th, 2017 at the Goetheanum

(Teach the teacher: 08.-11. Sept. ? / RE-Meeting, 11. Sept. ! / ICANA, 11. Sept. ! / IFAN, 12.-13. Sept. ! / School for Spir. Sc. 13.-14. Sept. ?)


Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Best wishes and warm greetings


Rolf Heine