This year we welcome Dr Matthias Girke as the keynote speaker and leader of the faculty. Dr Matthias Girke MD is the co-leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum Switzerland and director of Internal Medicine at Havelhöhe Hospital in Berlin; he has a special interest in oncology and endocrinology.His evening lecture series will focus on Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Disease in Anthroposophic Medicine (7 lectures, 7.45pm to 9pm, Wed 12 to Tue 19 July)
The IPMT is a concentrated training week which includes lectures, workshops, small group and individual work. This fifth year is a special one in the IPMT cycle with new workshops considering the health of the family, our society and of the earth–along with the regular professional development streams. We invite everyone interested in what anthroposophy can offer as ways forward within these important areas to attend; they do not need to be a health professional for this year’s IPMT (however please note that some workshops are designed for specific health professionals).
(choose one workshop from each session for the week)
Session 1
Dr Simon Bednarek – Working Together to Create Successful Communities
Miliwanga Sandy and Michael Kokinos – Aboriginal Spirituality and Healing in Relationship to Anthroposophy
Kate West – Anthroposophic Nursing in Practice
Lisa Devine and Dr Lakshmi Prasanna – The Esoteric Foundations of Professional Life
Patries Orange – Therapeutic Eurythmy (for Eurythmy Therapists and Doctors)
Session 2
Dr Matthias Girke – Clinical Sessions: From Diagnosis to Therapy and Medicines (for doctors, prescribers, nurses and pharmacists)
Lisa Devine and Dr Ernst de Jong – The Physiology of the Brain: Cosmic Architecture
Michael Kokinos – The Riddle of Human Movement: Rudolf Steiner’s view on the ‘motor nerves’ in relation to social & economic life
Dr Lakshmi Prasanna – Therapeutic Education and Social Therapy

Kate West – Home Nursing

Irmhild Kleinhenz – Biodynamics and Nutrition as Therapeutic Support and Preventative Medicine (for Naturopaths, Homoeopaths, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Phytotherapists, Doctors and Nurses)
 Email for more details.