The course is warmly recommended for trained eurythmists, eurythmy therapists, medical doctors, music therapists and students in these fields

Course Leader  Jan Ranck : Founding director of the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble (1990) and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy (1992)

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“I definitively recommend to any physician who is interested in practicing anthroposophical medicine to partake in such a course. Jan Ranck seems to have the destiny to bring therapeutic tone eurythmy to the world – or at least to the English speaking one…The course is to be recommended highly”- Dr Ross Rentea, USA

” If you have not yet experienced this work, I would like to recommend that you take the time for this intensive practice, whether you are able to bring it to your patients or not. It is a focused discipline to reorient the instrument and thereby to reach the life stream of music that heals and renews.” – Glenda Monash, Eurythmy Therapist, USA

Little Yarra Steiner School, Yarra Junction, VIC

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