Dear friends,

For the past 90 years, working generations of doctors studied the content of the Christmas course, which Rudolf Steiner held for young doctors in January 1924. With the question “How do I find the good?”, they tried to approach him.

At that time, medicine was already taught in a way that made it difficult to find the bridge from the physical-material world to the spiritual-moral. This is still so in medical studies and also in our everyday medical practice experience.

Many questions live in the younger generation, making their way into becoming and being a doctor, still investigating how even with the people who are already professionally driven doctors / doctors driven by profession.

In January we would like to meet in Arlesheim in order to exchange ideas about what is important for a young doctor in his daily search and work.

We would like to invite all generations to this exchange, to look at this issue, to contemplate them like ripened fruit, see what remained and what questions there are. The common questions will serve as the basis for the encounter.

The meeting will be held from 2 to 5 January at St. Luke’s Clinic (Lukasklinik) in Arlesheim. You are cordially invited to attend. Please send us your confirmation by 10 December to the following email address:

For accommodation, we have a contingent of rooms in the dormitory of the Sonnenhof; we can also organize private accommodation, if required. Please let us know your preferences when registering.

With warm regards,

the Preparation Team

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