Who is it for:

  • Teachers, therapists, music practitioners and others interested in finding out a little more about anthroposophic music therapy (AnMT).

Topics covered:

  • A brief historical overview of AnMT, current service areas and anthroposophical underpinnings (i.e. from Steiner’s time studying with Brentano, the phenomenological view of experience viz. of music, the developmental periods of music and the experience of tone (Steiner, 1983).
  • The three– and four–fold human being and AnMT.  Examples will be drawn from clinical practice, illustrating how these principles are applied in AnMT practice and how they can be integrated in daily life.
  • Qualities of pitch, intervals and modes:  Not a recipe but a perceptive understanding.
  • Experiencing micro elements through song and movement (hexameter walking etc.)
  • Discussion

About the presenters:

Hetty was trained in AnMT in the Netherlands and practised AnMT in special needs children’s homes as well as in private practice working with referrals from anthroposophic physicians.  She currently lives on the far North coast of NSW where she takes a small number of private clients.

Arne was university trained in Music therapy in Brisbane QLD and practices music therapy and counselling with the dual diagnosis population (mental health & drug or alcohol use).  He is a past Steiner school student (Netherlands), and is informed about AnMT by both Hetty and independent research.  He integrates AnMT principles in his practice and intents to undertake further effectiveness research.

When, where and how much:

  • The presentation will take place at the Melbourne Therapy Centre in Warranwood at 5pm on the 13th of September and will take 1.5 hours with some extra time for discussion.  Following the principles of “dana” and practice of Arne’s old Steiner school, a hat will be passed around after the presentation for a voluntary contribution.  A minimum of 10 participants will ensure presentation to go ahead.  For further information or to register your interest please email: arnesimt@gmail.com

Reference: Steiner, R. (Ed.). (1983). The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone. Dornach: Anthroposophic Press.