Dear Sisters and Brothers, I mean it we are a sister-brotherhood in this journey together on behalf of Anthroposophia.

It was over 18 years ago at the Melbourne Therapy Centre garden-room that Dr Michaela Gloeckler attended the inaugural meeting of the AAMA.

In fact it was probably 20 years ago when Sue, Antony Underwood and I started working on a Constitution for the future AAMA.  We anchored our basis on the NZ Association which had been long established.

Around that time John Reid moved back to Australia and was establishing himself at the old Pennant Hills Pharmacy to make anthroposophic medicines.

The Association has been able to maintain its umbrella organization for all modalities associated to Anthroposophic Medicine over the years.

We have members from all states and from the NT (at least one) and we attempted to be inclusive at all times, even if sometimes doesn’t appear that way.

I am the last of the original Board Members and it’s time for me to step down from AAMA Board duties. Sometimes one feels as an old furniture getting on the way of the newer ones.

I remember the old days of the first newsletters, asking my children’s help to fold AAMA-News and putting stamps for the good old ‘snail-mail’ format. Later on Sue Scott coordinated a 2nd format. Despite of the modern online possibilities we haven’t been able to replicate the old models but I am sure that it will be revitalised in coming years.

It has been hard to fill in the capable high-heel shoes of Sue Scott as the secretary in the last 3years but it has also been a growing experience for me, my sincere apologies for any mistakes I made on the way.

I can vividly remember all board members and their individual contributions over the years. The advent of Skype has made board meetings more accessible and regularly.

In the early stages, with Antony and my association with the Australian Integrative Association (AIMA) we were able to make sure Anthroposophic Medicine would be listed as one of the Integrative Medicine modalities for members of the AIMA.

In the last few years the AAMA board has attempted to make strong links with the New Zealand Anthropsophic Medicine and Allied Health Associations. This is in my opinion our major challenge for the future,

how do we move on together with New Zealand towards a cooperative and unified working associations?

If this means a new umbrella organization or pure strong association is a decision for the various associations’ boards.

Over the years we lost some dear members like Joan Salter, Erwin Bernie, Margaret Piper,  Margaret Shaw, Bettye Palmer and early this year Barb Rapson. I personally would like to include Dr Rita Leroi, whose 100th birthday anniversary was celebrated at the Lukas Klinic (Cancer Klinic in Dornach) this year. Dr Leroi visited Australia a number of times in the late 1980’s to promote Mistletoe therapy for Cancer.

Heinz Zimmerman, past Paedagogical Section leader, described in a lecture-course to schools  the importance to nurture the inclusion of the old(deceased) members in our institutions spiritual circle, so they can collaborate from the other side of the threshold towards the future, in our case Anthroposophic Medicine.

I especially want to thank the current board members for putting up with me over the last 3 years as the secretary and also to Nikki Vuillermin for her hard work in the administration transition since last AGM.

I also want to acknowledge the many initiatives that have been gathering pace for coming years, eg. IPMT under Simon and Irmhild, Raphael-group under Lisa and the regional meetings that our board members have been coordinating.

I hope to continue to be involved in the various educational activities of the AAMA.

Best wishes to the AAMA future.

Paulo Moraes

Secretary AAMA.