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Below is a note from Peter Zimmermann of IVAA giving a preliminary report on findings of a 3 year study. Here is a written report  CAMbrella – Complementary Medicine Research

best wishes

AAMA Administrators

Nikki and Barb


To the Councils and IVAA-Delegates of the Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Yesterday the 3 years EU-Research Project entitled  ´CAMbrella, a pan-European research network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine´ came to its end with a final conference, held in Brussels. As you  know, the IVAA was Member of the Advisory Board. The major positive results were:

We now have a scientific basis for our political claims,

1.       that CAM is demanded by citizens

2.       The information about CAM is very poor or not existing

3.       There is the need for harmonization of regulation and legislation for CAM-professions and the CAM –medicinal products.

In addition a roadmap was drawn with recommendations for further CAM research funded by the public.

With regard to Anthroposophic Medicine the project was successful

1.       We showed up as a relevant medical system in Europe although we are numerically small. The Facts and Figures paper was included in the report in full length (Adnex of Deliverable 6) which gives the possibility to read in detail that number along do not count for significance alone.

2.       The IVAA was acknowledged in almost all reports.

3.       It has been possible to build  up a network of trust  for possible further research.

Please find attached the results, presented in several scientific articles which have been published as Supplement the peer-review Journal “Forschende Komplementärmedizin”.

All reports are available on our webpage in a sub-final (not yet finally edited version). The final versions will be published as open access on in very due time.

With my very best wishes Peter Zimmermann

IVAA International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Rue du Trône 194, B-1050 Bruxelles. Phone: +32 2 644 00 20 E-mail:

Peter Zimmermann, MD, PhD President, IVAA

Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician PLUSTERVEYS, NASTOLA MEDICAL CENTER FIN-15560 Nastola

Phone: +358 3 7624028 Phone(Mobile): +358 40 5109242 E-mail:

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