IVAA Welcomes New Executive Secretary Elisa Baldini & Launches new Website

Dear IVAA colleagues, friends and partners,


Interest in anthroposophic medicine is increasing in the European Union and around the world. In response, the IVAA is expanding the scope of its secretariat in Brussels with the aim of further elevating awareness and integration of anthroposophic medicine into EU health systems and beyond. IVAA’s new Exectutive Secretary, Elisa Baldini, will be leading this effort.

Please click here to read the press release.


Additionally, to strengthen this effort, IVAA just launched its new website. Enjoy!


International specialist conference on creative speech in therapy and education

BURNOUT Devitalisation – Revitalisation
Strengthening the etheric regenerative forces through creative speech

24 to 27 October 2018
Medical Section in collaboration with the Section for the Performing Arts




Dear Colleagues and Interested Individuals,


Yes, it’s time again: we are going to see each other at the Goetheanum! This year we will focus on the prevention, genesis and treatment of burnout. There is enough to discuss to make the three and a half days inspiring and stimulating!


We look forward to seeing you again, the participants!


On behalf of the organising committee, the Medical Section and the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum,

Xandor Koesen-York

Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner for the Medical Section
Philip Jacobsen, Claudia Kringe, Marion Schroth, Xandor Koesen-York for the organising committee
Stefan Hasler for the Section for the Performing Arts
Kirstin Kaiser for the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies

ST 2018 Programm EN mit Talon – Download Program Flyer

Pacifica Full time Eurythmy Training commencing Feb 2019, Samford Valley QLD

Download flyer here – Pacifica eurythmy training

Sienna Academy for Painting Therapy 2018-9 dates

Sienna Academy Report 2017 – 2018

Dates and Colour Modules 2018 – 2019


Tone Eurythmy Therapy Intensive Course with Jan Ranck 2018-9

While this professional course is for eurythmy therapists and medical doctors, the insights it provides into the human being and the deeply transformative effect it has on the participant can benefit and enrich the life and work of artists, teachers, music, art, and physical therapists, as well as the student or lay enthusiast.

The exercises consist of tone eurythmy in its purest form and their effectiveness has been proven in practice.

The 56 course hours qualify as AnthroMed Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Download Course Brochure – Australia and United States

Update from the AAMA and the Medical Section in NZ – dates for your diary

Following on from the successful visits of Dr Christian Grah to Melbourne and Auckland and Dr Adam Blanning to Napier, New Zealand , the AAMA and the Medical Section in NZ are please to advise 2 further seminars.

Fri 5-Sun 7 October an seminar on  The Therapeutic Community: Teachers, parents , doctors & therapists working together for the child with Autism/ADHD. This seminar will be led by Lakshmi Prasanna and include a video lecture of Michaela Glockler that she held in Portland USA this year. Lakshmi’s book (with co-author Michael Kokinos) ‘Autism: Meet me who I am’ has recently been published by Lindisfarne Books.

The AAMA AGM will be on Sunday 7th October in Byron Bay area, venue to be confirmed.

2019 – Wed 13-Sun 17 February visit by Dr Matthias Girke. The topic is Chronic Pain – a multi-professional therapeutical approach. The venue has not yet been confirmed. This event will be a modified IPMT. As 5 IPMT have been done IPMT from now on will be topic based with all modalities and sessions revolving around a topic. (Unfortunately the 2018 IPMT was not able to be held due to late cancellation of the venue booked, the unavailability of Dr Girke and our inability to find a replacement).


Medical Section Newsletter Easter 2018

Medical Section Newsletter Easter 2018

Anthroposophic Singing Therapy 2018

Places still available


Therapeutic Art Training with Sally Martin

Light, Darkness and Colour Spiritual Path of Development

Dates and Colour Modules 2017 – 2019

M8 & 9 Program Yellow Turquoise April-May 2018

A good article on Anthroposophic Medicine.

Anthroposophic Medicine: An Integrative Medical System Originating in Europe

From Global Advance in Medicne and Health Journal


Anthroposophic medicine is an integrative multimodal treatment system based on a holistic understanding of man and nature and of disease and treatment. It builds on a concept of four levels of formative forces and on the model of a three-fold human constitution. Anthroposophic medicine is integrated with conventional medicine in large hospitals and medical practices. It applies medicines derived from plants, minerals, and animals; art therapy, eurythmy therapy, and rhythmical massage; counseling; psychotherapy; and specific nursing techniques such as external embrocation. Anthroposophic healthcare is provided by medical doctors, therapists, and nurses. A Health-Technology Assessment Report and its recent update identified 265 clinical studies on the efficacy and effectiveness of anthroposophic medicine. The outcomes were described as predominantly positive. These studies as well as a variety of specific safety studies found no major risk but good tolerability. Economic analyses found a favorable cost structure. Patients report high satisfaction with anthroposophic healthcare.


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