2015 Conferences and Events: Australia & New Zealand

Summer Greetings

2015 brings a wealth of opportunities for exploring anthroposophic medicine and its therapies to our shores with weekend workshops, major conferences and opportunities for directed study taking place. You will find details of the Brisbane IPMT, International Kolisko Conference, Wala Weekend with Dr Rudiger Eichholz, The Healing Power of Eurythmy with Truus Geraets and also details of Taruna College’s healthcare offerings by scrolling through the newsletter.


This year’s International Kolisko Conference has as its theme Trauma in Childhood: Building Resilience in the 21st Century. The keynote speakers are international leaders in their fields with Christof Wiechert former leader of the Pedagogical Section and Dr Michaela Glockler current leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum here to co-lead the conference.A major feature of Kolsiko Conference’s worldwide is their mission to reach across professional boundaries and work together to gather ideas, understanding and  skills to improve the lives of the children in our care. The keynote addresses are just one part of the daily activity and the timetable includes workshops, panel discussions and artistic work focused on the theme of the day.

The conference is residential and being held at St Peter’s School in Cambridge NZ just outside of Hamilton.

The conference fee of NZ$580 includes accommodation, meals and teas. Early registration  and payment by May 1 reduces the fee to NZ$550.  Please click below for the conference brochure which includes registration details. You can also find the conference on Facebook at: Kolisko 2015 Cambridge New Zealand.


Kolisko 2015 Brochure


This year’s IPMT from July 12-19 will move to a warmer location for those that like a bit of sunshine with their conference.  Emmanuel College at the University of Brisbane, is our host for this intensive, residential week. Dr Michaela Glockler will lead the expanding faculty whose new  members include Dr Basil Williams DO from the USA, Dr Ernst de Jong psychiatrist from Perth, Truus Gerauts eurythmy therapist also residing in the USA, and Julie Lovett art therapist from Sydney. The time table is very full this year with 6 streams to choose from, each stream includes an opportunity to experience art therapy as part of the curriculum.
Michaela’s evening lecture series will focus on understanding pain, anxiety and other manifestations of the astral body and also include how we work with these experiences in relation to death and dying.
The brochure is currently being finalised. The timetable can be downloaded through the link below.
The conference fee includes your individual room in the college’s hostel, all meals, teas, conference materials and tuition. The Early Registration fee for registration and payment before Monday May 4 is AU$1100/NZ$1170 for full residential and AU$800 without accommodation and breakfast. Rates go up after that date.


IPMT 2015 Timetable



Dr Rudiger Eichholz will lead the March 7-8 workshop at Weleda in Havelock North on the animal remedy preparations. Rudiger is one of the team Wala sends to New Zealand to harvest bovine tissue for use in these unique remedies. The workshop is open to medical practitioners and nurses. To find out more please email Mary Green at Weleda Charitable Trust.  This weekend is offered with the help of the  NZ Anthroposophic Doctor’s Association.



Truus Geraets eurythmy therapist, curative educator and author will be in Australia for a series of two day workshops on The Healing Power of Eurythmy as well as part of the faculty of the Koliso and IPMT. Her two day workshops are taking place in Warburton, Castlemaine and Melbourne and are open to everyone interested in eurythmy. Truus will also lead a workshop on Monday June 30 in Melbourne specifically for eurythmists. For more information contact email Or see the attached flyer.


The Healing Power of Eurythmy



The Certificate in Holistic Healthcare at Taruna College in Havelock North NZ is a course for health professionals looking to extend their practice into a holistic paradigm.  This professional development course deepens participants’ access to their own intuition allowing them to work with patients as a whole person. Study takes place in three seminars each spanning eight days over the course of the year. The programme also includes directed independent study which takes the learning deeper into the participants’ practices – See more at:


The Art of Health offers artistically inspired study while you explore human development from a holistic perspective on health and wellbeing. Gain new insights into self and others as you develop new skills and work with artistic experiences in colour, mood, movement and form; and on your own biography. This is a part time course that takes place in three blocks over the year. For more information see



And finally, congratulations are in order for the newly registered Eurythmy Therapy Association of New Zealand and Australia Inc. This group of over 20 eurythmy therapists is committed to working together to form a strong bridge across the Tasman for the group. With their activities they hope to create professional opportunities as well as bring the Anthro Med trademark to our shores for use by its members and help deepen the public’s knowledge of the breadth of anthroposophic medicine and its therapies as well as its international identity.
We are always interested in items for this newsletter. If you have something you would like to publicise for the anthroposophic medical-therapeutic community in Australia and New Zealand, please send it to .
With many greetings to everyone.
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Newsletter: Anthroposophic Medical Movement Dec 2014


Newsletter: Anthroposophic Medical Movement Nov 2014

Dear friends

It gives me great pleasure to send you the November newsletter today with some particularly important news.
With good wishes for the work.

Michaela Glöckler
Newsletter_AM_movement_11 2014

Goetheanum Newsletter and Training for Transpersonal Psychology

Greetings, below is the Epiphany newsletter and also a new training course to be held in The USA starting in July this year.

best wishes

Nikki and Barb

AAMA Administration


Please share this with your colleagues! Epiphany Newsletter 2013

With warm regards Michaela

Michaela Glöckler

Goetheanum  Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft Medizinische Sektion
Leitung: Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler
CH 41 43 Dornach Tel. + 41 61 706 4292 Fax + 41 61 706 4291


David Tresemer (from Tasmania) sent this information on a new course in Transpersonal Psychology, in which he is involved.  MA in Transpersonal Psychology

The is a product of years of planning. This is the only English-speaking course in Transpersonal Psychology/Anthroposophic Psychology.

Willie Bento (Director of this new MA course in California) attended the Anthroposophic Psychology conference recently in Dornach – 900 people from all over the world!

The virtues are:

  • A degree on a career path      toward licensed counseling psychologist (that is, something beyond the      excellent courses and workshops that help you mature as a human being)
  • A path that understands that      the therapist must grow before taking clients (this may sound obvious but      is not common in psychology training)
  • A path that includes a working and practical understanding of anthroposophy in action (much more comprehensive than most transpersonal or regular psychology trainings).
  • An approach that comprehends      the individual as more than a bio-chemical bundle of habits – as having      soul, purpose, and heart!

The website is still in process of completion and beautification. As a pioneering effort, that may take some time. However, much of the information is there. (As well as my thoughts on whole-soul conversation as a basis for understanding the therapeutic encounter.)

This cohort starts July 29 2013; the next cohort would begin the summer of 2016.

For those in English-speaking countries outside the USA: This could be contemplated by someone from afar, as the travel is only twice per year: The on-campus requirement is a one-month intensive in August (each of three years) as well as a one-week intensive in the late autumn (of the northern hemisphere). The in-between course work is handled through internet conferencing and telephone.

Newsletter from the Goeteanum December 2012


Here is the Michaelmas Newsletter from Michaela Glockler head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

best wishes

Nikki Vuillermin and Barb Rapson

AAMA Administrators

Medical Section Newsletter Michaelmas, Advent 2012

Dear Friends,

The Michaelmas newsletter is attached. It contains the most important news of the last three months. Anyone who wishes to receive our 2012 annual report by post should please let Angela Wirth in the secretariat know.

With best wishes for Advent –

Warm greetings,

Michaela Glöckler

Anthroposophic Medicine and CAM Research


Below is a note from Peter Zimmermann of IVAA giving a preliminary report on findings of a 3 year study. Here is a written report  CAMbrella – Complementary Medicine Research

best wishes

AAMA Administrators

Nikki and Barb


To the Councils and IVAA-Delegates of the Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Yesterday the 3 years EU-Research Project entitled  ´CAMbrella, a pan-European research network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine´ came to its end with a final conference, held in Brussels. As you  know, the IVAA was Member of the Advisory Board. The major positive results were:

We now have a scientific basis for our political claims,

1.       that CAM is demanded by citizens

2.       The information about CAM is very poor or not existing

3.       There is the need for harmonization of regulation and legislation for CAM-professions and the CAM –medicinal products.

In addition a roadmap was drawn with recommendations for further CAM research funded by the public.

With regard to Anthroposophic Medicine the project was successful

1.       We showed up as a relevant medical system in Europe although we are numerically small. The Facts and Figures paper was included in the report in full length (Adnex of Deliverable 6) which gives the possibility to read in detail that number along do not count for significance alone.

2.       The IVAA was acknowledged in almost all reports.

3.       It has been possible to build  up a network of trust  for possible further research.

Please find attached the results, presented in several scientific articles which have been published as Supplement the peer-review Journal “Forschende Komplementärmedizin”.

All reports are available on our webpage in a sub-final (not yet finally edited version). The final versions will be published as open access on in very due time.

With my very best wishes Peter Zimmermann

IVAA International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Rue du Trône 194, B-1050 Bruxelles. Phone: +32 2 644 00 20 E-mail:

Peter Zimmermann, MD, PhD President, IVAA

Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician PLUSTERVEYS, NASTOLA MEDICAL CENTER FIN-15560 Nastola

Phone: +358 3 7624028 Phone(Mobile): +358 40 5109242 E-mail:

Reports on complimentary medicine in Europe


Attached is a report from the recent conference in Brussels that has many reports and links ton complimentary medicine including antthroposophic modalities. EUROCAM report


Note from IVAA

After a long time of preparation the CAM-Conference, a result of cooperation among the different European CAM groups (IVAA included), recently took place in Brussels. Please find attached the report written by “our new man in Brussels”, liaison officer dr. sc. pol. Nils Ehlers.

The CAM Conference intended to draw political attention to the added value of CAM and the still unsatisfactory regulation frameworks. Presentations given by the speakers during the event you may find here. (

Read and enjoy, and share our hope and confidence that step by step we will succeed in establishing better conditions for Anthroposophic Medicine to the best of our patients.

Kind regards from rainy and dark Norway

Yours Anette Bender

TOPICS – Online portal for Anthroposophic Medicine- editorial team request


Dr Simon Bednarek has been involved in an advisory way for the last year in this exciting new project. If anyone would like to be involved please respond. Details are enclosed here TOPICS Editorial team .  The team are very keen to have English speaking health professionals of all modalities (not just doctors) involved. It is not essential you know German, in fact they are keen to have English speakers so as to make sure it has an international flavour.

He has forwarded the below message from the Medical Section.

Dear Members and Friends of the International Conference of Boards of Anthroposophic Doctors’ Associations

With warm regards from Matthias Girke and Michaela Glöckler attached a short update of the TOPICS-Project – to produce your interest for support of the editorial team!

Best greetings, Dagmar Brauer Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Medizinische Sektion am Goetheanum Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft Leitung: Michaela Glöckler Postfach, CH-4143 Dornach Tel.: +41 61 706 44 24 Fax: +41 61 706 42 91 Email:

Medical Section Newsletter Summer 2012

Dear Friends
This Summer Newsletter is an important document for our anthroposophic medical movement.  Medical Section News Summer 2012
The IKAM Collegium (involved in the international coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine) would be very interested to hear what you think!
We are looking forward to seeing many of you again soon at the annual conference.
With warm regards
Michaela Glöckler


Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft
Medizinische Sektion

Leitung: Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler
CH 41 43 Dornach
Tel. + 41 61 706 4292
Fax + 41 61 706 4291

News der Allianz ELIANT:

AAMA Newssheet


Here is the AAMA Newsheet, including anouncements of the AGM in October in Byron Bay and a medical Section Seminar in January 2013 in New Zealand.  2012- June AAMA Newssheet

Also a letter requesting donations for a new school starting up in Bowral.  steinerschoolrequest

Dont forget to check the list of books available for sale to on the website!

best wishes

Barb Rapson

AAMA Administrator

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