Enlightening the Heart – Conference for young people

Dear friends,

We warmly invite you for the conference “Enlightening the Heart” which is going to take place in the following year from May 18th to May 25th at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland). This conference is specifically for young people from all over the world working in the medical, therapeutic and nursing professions or trainees who are interested in Anthroposophical medicine. This will be the first time that a conference of this kind is going to take place. Its aim is to strengthen the interdisciplinary and international collaboration of young people who are interested in Anthroposophical medicine.
This conferences intends to give space to reflect the procedures in the individual professions and share ideas on how an interdisciplinary collaboration amongst nurses, doctors and therapists can be possible. Questions on how we can obtain the strength and ideas for the tasks and challenges relating to a special profession and also on the inner path in an profession related to Anthroposophical medicine will be major topics. The aim is to create a new consciousness of an interdisciplinary way of working as a joint group which is absolutely necessary for the continuance of Anthroposophical medicine.
There will be daily workshops which will deal with profession-related topics and others which will be hold in an interdisciplinary way.
Practical artistic work will be undertaken in smaller groups. Apart from this, there will be opportunities for interactions with other participants, tours through the Goetheanum and visits to the nearby Anthroposophical hospitals.

Please find the program and detailed information on the conference attached Enlightening the Heart . We would like to inform and contact as many people as possible. Therefore we would appreciate if you could support us in spreading the news, forwarding this email or handing out conference-programs in your country. You might even take duplex print-outs of the attached program on an A4 sheet.

There is also the possibility that we parcel you a set of printed programs which you can hand out in your institution or area of work. In
this case please let us know the number and amount of programs you might need.

We very much appreciate your efforts!
With warm regards,
Eliana Wimmer


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