Greetings, below is the Epiphany newsletter and also a new training course to be held in The USA starting in July this year.

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David Tresemer (from Tasmania) sent this information on a new course in Transpersonal Psychology, in which he is involved.  MA in Transpersonal Psychology

The is a product of years of planning. This is the only English-speaking course in Transpersonal Psychology/Anthroposophic Psychology.

Willie Bento (Director of this new MA course in California) attended the Anthroposophic Psychology conference recently in Dornach – 900 people from all over the world!

The virtues are:

  • A degree on a career path      toward licensed counseling psychologist (that is, something beyond the      excellent courses and workshops that help you mature as a human being)
  • A path that understands that      the therapist must grow before taking clients (this may sound obvious but      is not common in psychology training)
  • A path that includes a working and practical understanding of anthroposophy in action (much more comprehensive than most transpersonal or regular psychology trainings).
  • An approach that comprehends      the individual as more than a bio-chemical bundle of habits – as having      soul, purpose, and heart!

The website is still in process of completion and beautification. As a pioneering effort, that may take some time. However, much of the information is there. (As well as my thoughts on whole-soul conversation as a basis for understanding the therapeutic encounter.)

This cohort starts July 29 2013; the next cohort would begin the summer of 2016.

For those in English-speaking countries outside the USA: This could be contemplated by someone from afar, as the travel is only twice per year: The on-campus requirement is a one-month intensive in August (each of three years) as well as a one-week intensive in the late autumn (of the northern hemisphere). The in-between course work is handled through internet conferencing and telephone.