Dear Colleagues in all parts of the World,                                                                                         


With this Program we like to invite you, as a representative of those active in psychotherapy ( psychologists, doctors and priests) very warmly to the Goetheanum for the international conference of the School of Spiritual Science. This group of colleagues considers the meditative work with the mantra of the Class Lessons as the centre of their heart for the benefit of their work, especially for the understanding of the psychological diseases and their healing process related to our time.


This year we will work at the twelfth Class Lesson . Rudolf Steiner gave this Lesson on Mai 11th  1924 in Dornach and makes an serious appeal to us for self-knowledge and for the attitude which belongs to it; Self-knowledge by recognizing the Hierarchies in our selves.

Last year we made a beginning to understand the New Mysteries. Together with our Angel we participate in building a Temple. We could speak in our inner self with our Angel, in a triple sound of the Hierarchies, Mankind and Angel. And now we learn in deepest silence the working of the several Hierarchies in the Temple of the human body.

So let us make a further step into the New Mysteries: how do I stand in these New Mysteries, what do they mean to me, how can I find the right attitude to all of it and how will I enter into the community with the Hierarchies?

With this work at the Mantra of the 12th Class Lesson, with the Eurythmie and the observations which we will do, we develop new self-knowledge.


We work in German and English and we welcome very warm-hearted especially new colleagues!


Please bring your blue card to all the meetings.



We wish you the best with your preparation and for your journey!


With warm regards of the preparation group:                                                                                                                                 

Karen de Ahna, Els van Beek, Wolfgang Drescher, Marjanke de Jong, Ilse K. Müller und Achim Noschka. 


For the Medical Section:                 Michaela Glöckler  



Goetheanum Dornach, 21th June 2013                        




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International Class Conference for practising Psychotherapists