International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine

June 9th to 11th, 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

What is the contribution of integrative medicine to address today’s burning health challenges such as the rising burden of chronic disease? What successful models exist of integrating conventional and complementary medicine in the health care system? These and other questions will be discussed by leading experts at the International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine next June in Stuttgart.

In all sessions and workshops of the conference, integrative solutions and examples of best practices will be presented. The Congress brings together a global community of health professions including medical, naturopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, psychologists and other therapists, as well as researchers and health care administrators. The Congress is the premiere integrative event of the year, founded in collaboration between European and North American partners.

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Program highlights:
Keynote lectures and panels on global perspectives and the future of integrative health and medicine

Sessions on oncology, cardiology, mental health, diabetes, pediatrics, integrative nursing, health creation, ecology and more!

Focus on the World Health Organization’s priorities, including non-communicable diseases, antimicrobial resistance, social, economic and environmental health determinants, and universal health coverage and access to medical products

“Meet the Experts” sessions from various fields of integrative medicine

Research tracks linked with case presentations from clinical practice
On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, we hope to see you there!

Congress organizers: Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (United States), DAMiD (the interprofessional organization of anthroposophic medicine in Germany) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (United States). The Hufeland Society (the umbrella of naturopathy and complementary medicine associations in Germany) is supporting the congress as premium partner.
International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine
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