IPMT 2017
Wednesday July 12- Wednesday July 19

We are very happy to announce that Dr Matthias Girke the new co-leader of the Medical Section, medical director of Havelhohe Hospital in Berlin and author of the newly translated text book Internal Medicine Foundations and Therapeutic Concepts of Anthroposophic Medicine will lead next years IPMT.
Dr Girke’s is a highly regarded clinician, researcher, teacher and author. His sessions at the IPMT will be topical, directly relating to the challenges and possibilities of practice founded in anthroposophic knowledge and orientation.
As part of his work with us Matthias will offer a Clinical Practice workshop and give the evening lecture series focusing on Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Disease in Anthroposophic Medicine.

The week will be held at Emmanuel College in the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

New workshops include:

  • Aboriginal Spirituality and Healing in Relationship to Anthroposophy
  • Nutrition as Therapeutic Support and Preventative Medicine
  • The Esoteric Foundations of Professional Life
  • The Riddle of Human Movement: Steiner’s view on the ‘motor’ nerves in relation to the social and economic life.
  • Anthroposophic Nursing
  • Working Together, Creating Healthy Communities

The flyer and workshop descriptions will be available in early 2017. Mark your calendar now.