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Anthroposophic medicine (AM) is a comprehensive integrative approach practiced by fully trained health professionals in over 30 countries worldwide. It represents a best practice example of “Integrative Medicine” as defined by the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health (www.imconsortium.org). Essential to the anthroposophic medical approach is a methodology that develops the observation and contemplative skills of the individual practitioner. Schooling in this methodology is an integral part of the IPMT training week.

This year we are pleased to welcome Dr Roman Huber along with Dr Michaela Glöckler to the conference. Dr Huber is the director of the University of Freiburg’s programme in integrative medicine. In addition to his conventional medical training, he has a background in naturopathy, acupuncture and anthroposophic medicine. Dr Glöckler directs the week and will deliver the evening lectures.

Participation in the week is open to health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice or are on a specific path of training. For medical doctors this week serves as part of the pathway to certification as an anthroposophic doctor.

IPMT 2016 Sydney

10-17 July 2016
Knox College, Senior Secondary Academy
Wahroonga, Sydney, Australia
For further information: simon.bednarek@gmail.com
For registrations: Ipmt2016@weledatrust.org.nz