Summer School Health Practitioners Intensive Workshops

January 6th to the 8th 2017 at Freshwater Creek Steiner School, Geelong, Victoria

Freshwater Creek Flyer

Freshwater Creek Program

January 14th to the 16th 2017 in Blackheath, Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Flyer

Blue Mountains Program

Deepening our understanding of the major human organs and the prescribing of the metal remedies based upon the indications given out of the Occult Physiology lectures by Rudolf Steiner – these two sessions will include a presentation and a demonstration.
Working with the anthroposophic indications for metal therapies and their planetary gestures to deepen your understanding of organ pathology, diagnosis and treatment in your practice alongside the referral work with other therapists to support your patient effectively – these two sessions will include a presentation, practical experience of the planetary gestures and a meditative/artistic exploration.
Evening presentations:
The Three Kings preparation for Biodynamics and Healing
Goethe’s Fairytale – “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily”
Workshop leader: Irmhild Kleinhenz, Anthroposophic Naturopath / Health Consultant / mentor and trainer, endorsed by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.