Vale Peggy Macpherson 22.4.1910 to 12.9.2015
A trained Nurse,  Peggy brought in the WELEDA medicines to Victoria before the establishment of the Melbourne Therapy Centre. Peggy was 105, an anthroposophist and close friend to Joan Salter; she was very clear in her mind and read the AGE newspaper most days until a recent fall. More …


A Workshop with Katherine Rudolph
Melbourne September 26-27 Download flyer here…


Newsletter to the co-workers of the anthroposophic medical movement, September 2015 Download the Newsletter here…


International Anthroposophic Network for Craniosacral Therapy
The last 50 years has seen a growing appreciation of the therapeutic potential of both Cranial Osteopathy (as practiced by Osteopaths) and Craniosacral Therapy (as practiced by non – Osteopaths). There are now a number of branches and streams of this therapeutic bodywork in the world. A good number of anthroposophic physicians and therapists have been drawn to and trained in this work, which is deeply connected to rhythm and the etheric body. This article describes the connection between Anthroposophic Medicine and cranio-sacral theory and practice. More…


The IVAA Periodical – Current Legislative Issues in Anthroposophic Medicine
Download the IVAA Periodical here …


European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy (ELIANT)
Land for agriculture–an immensely valuable yet ever reducing commodity
The amount of agriculturally farmed land is declining not only across the
world but also within Europe. Road building and the use of land for housing and industrial development is a major reason but even more significant is the increasing loss of soil through erosion.
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