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sorry that this circular comes rather late –  Newsletter Whitsun 2012

Please concider the special article from Kai Iruma from Japan in regard Fukushima-Tragedy and its perspectives from an anthroposophic point of view – 12.05.19_childhood_Kai.Iruma

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To the board members and Delegates of the Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, You are cordially invited to this year’s delegates‘ meeting and the IVAA members‘ assembley, which will take place on the 18th of September 2012, at the Goetheanum.

Alongside the annual exchange of reports from the various countries and the core events from the IVAA council work,  this year we will focus more strongly on the question how anthroposophic medicine lives in our countries. What are the advances, who are our friends, where are the opponents, do we need a strategy in this tension zone?

A further theme for a more intensive exchange will be how the concept of „integrative medicine“ is handled. Can this concept be made useful of for anthroposophic medicine your country. Where are the advantages? Where do problems occur?

It is with pleasure that we look forward to receiving the Chilean doctors‘ association into the IVAA at our members‘ assembley. Alongside the extension of the Council wih Laura Borghi, the IVAA Council proposes to amend articles 2 and 11 of the IVAA constitution (attached).

Please find also the IVAA financial report 2011 and the budget 2012 with a comment of our treasurer Andreas Arendt (attached). As usual the report will be explained in detail during the meeting.  IVAA_General_Assembly_Sept2012_ Agenda_finalComments_IVAA_Financial_Report_2011 Proposal_Amendment_IVAA_ Statutes_2012 IVAA_JR_2011

With good wishes for the northern summer and the southern wintertime, we greet you most cordially

For the Council

Peter Zimmermann