Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to send you the Advent Newsletter today.

Alongside important news, it contains the link to an article from the new journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine, is now also listed in the most important medical database PubMed/Medline. This represents a milestone on the way to the academisation of anthroposophic medicine. Warmest thanks in this regard to Gunver Kienle and her co-authors! It is also nice that we are allowed to forward the article widely to anyone who is interested in seeing it.

The Advent Newsletter also contains an overview of the subjects for our annual conference, combined with the sincere request to think how we can publicise these many excellent parallel conferences such that they reach these very diverse target groups.

Hence the request to everyone who can do so, to please help communicate at least the date and subjects through their social networks. The complete programme with registration form is expected to be ready at the end of February.

With warm Advent greetings

Michaela Glöckler