Dear Friends,


As the Michaelmas festival draws to a close, I attach the current Newsletter with the request

to submit your suggestions and wishes for the 2014 annual conference by 30 October 2013.

For as many of you already know, the start of the stage renovation and the remedial work on

the Goetheanum roof and concrete was celebrated at the Goetheanum this afternoon in the

presence of the mayor of Dornach. This means that the great hall will not be available in the

coming year and we can therefore carry out plenary events on a variety of subjects in the

rooms not affected by the renovation.

We are pleased that 17 work proposals have already been received.

As we are meeting in the IKAM collegium on 3th November to plan the 2014 annual conference,

we would be happy to include further proposals from co-workers worldwide.

With sincere thanks and warm greetings



Michaela Glöckler


School of Spiritual Science

Medical Section

Head: Michaela Glöckler;MD

CH 41 43 Dornach

Tel. + 41 61 706 4292

Fax + 41 61 706 4291