Dear friends,


This newsletter comes without pictures and design as the preparations for our annual conference are occupying a lot of our energy.


But there are important notifications which should not wait until after the conference: 


1. The 2014 annual conference cannot be held in the great hall because of the renovation of the stage. Hence there will be several smaller conferences on subjects which are currently particularly occupying the AM movement:


  • The spiritual paradigm in AM, combined, as relevant, with a spiritual understanding of the structure of matter on the basis of current thinking in astrophysics (we are happy to send the fundamental article from Spektrum der Wissenschaft, September 2013, on request)
  • Ethics in AM: discussion of the research results and exchange of experiences in the field of external applications
  • School work: mantras of the First Class and the medical courses
  • Spiritual pathology
  • Training materials and outlook, including international specialist medical training
  • Differences and common features of anthroposophical mistletoe preparations


to name but a few.


In this connection the question goes to all co-workers of the AM movement: What do you wish to happen this year? What should still be worked on together in the international context? As we will discuss this after the annual conference in the group of IKAM coordinators and councils of the medical associations, I would like to raise your suggestions there. 


You can respond quite informally as a reply to this email. There are about 20 rooms available for as many topics which occupy us.


2. The survey on the practice of dealing with spiritual matters in the AM movement had a very gratifying response. Voluntary translation initiatives formed and there was a great demand for an online version which can be completed on a PC. So Arndt Büssing has now produced one for immediate use which you can forward to others (see attachment)


3. The Hallelujah Initiative for your attention and participation as you see fit. It originates in the USA from the eurythmists’ association there at the suggestion of Alice Stamm and Robin W Mitchell to do something for the 100th birthday of the laying of the Goetheanum foundation stone:


Celebrating the Centenary of the Laying of the Foundation Stone for the First Goetheanum on September 20, 1913 for those who are not able to be in Dornach


This “birthday task” for the Goetheanum will take place at 17.30 Central European Time (CET) when we will see the Prologue of St John’s Gospel on the stage in eurythmy locally at the Goetheanum. In other time zones it is e.g. 08.30 Pacific; 09.30 Mountain; 10.30 Central; 11.30 Eastern; 12.30 Rio de Janeiro; 16.30 London, etc. 


4. The Petition to save natural medicines (Petition zur Rettung der Naturarzneimittel) ( which is currently circulating is not connected with the IVAA and the other CAM associations working in the EU to keep these medicines. It is a “solo action” which so far is lacking transparency as far as we are concerned.


5. Conversation techniques and conflict resolution. Managing staff appraisals professionally with a results orientation. An event with Christian Lucke aimed at physicians and dentists.

Anyone interested should contact the dentist Dr. Rudolf  Völker <> without delay. The conference will take place from 7-9.2.2014 in Loheland near Fulda.


I began to write this letter on 28 August – Goethe’s birthday – and in doing so thought of the motto of the merry person in his Faust: 


A mind, once formed, is never satisfied thereafter;

One yet in growth will ever grateful be.


When Goethe died in 1832, his spirit was able to meet the incarnating Rudolf Steiner who was born in 1861. The Goetheanum is a manifest reminder and constant assignment of such a spiritual connection and collaboration with the world of the deceased.


With warm greetings and in the hope of seeing many of you at the Goetheanum in September,


Michaela Glöckler






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