Confronting death can be stressful and overwhelming if we are not well prepared. However, with developing deeper insights it can become a unique experience that gives a sense of reverence and fulfilment. This workshop brings to the foreground the phenomena of dying, nursing care through the death process, meaning and celebration through ritual and ceremony, and planning/considering after death options so that we can make more informed choices.


Saturday 14th of September, 2013

9.30am to 5.00pm

Venue: The Michael Centre,

37A Wellington Park Drive,Warranwood, Victoria


$125.00 per person/ $80.00 students

includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

(early bird discount $100.00 before the 1st of September)


Bookings and Payment in advance are essential – call Pippa White on 0433 363 041






9.30am         The Phenomenology of Death – looking at the dying process,                        pain, fear, the separation of the human being from the body,                   the community of carers including family and friends, and the                        significance of the three day vigil.

                   Irmhild Kleinhenz, (ND, Grad.Dip. Integrative medicine, Grad Cert         Anthroposophic Medicine IPMT) has had thirty years of experience in     anthroposophic-based health care practice, tutoring, mentoring and lecturing    on an integrative humanistic medical philosophy.


10.30am       Nursing care perspectives- considerations of nursing the dying           at home, recognising signs of approaching death.

                   Pippa White, (Diploma of Nursing and Diploma of Holistic Healthcare       Anthroposophic Nursing) with 5 year’s experience in palliative care.


11.00am Morning Tea


11.15am        Consecrating Death: Ritual and Ceremony have carried the human being at the threshold of death through the ages. Through the language of the senses, the elements, gesture, the word and silence a vessel for co-working with the spiritual world is created by ritual. Informed by spiritual science we will look at personal, community and religious rituals appropriate for the dying human being and their community in our times.

                   Lisa Devine, (Diploma of Eurythmy, Master of Psychology (Counselling), Ordained Priest of the Christian Community).


12.45pm            Lunch


1.45pm         Practical Demonstration – Laying out of the body.    Information/Education about choices we have in after-death care,           legalities regarding home death and funeral/burial arrangements.

                   Pippa White assisted by Irmhild Kleinhenz.


3.30pm Afternoon tea.


4.00pm        Discussion with Questions and Contributions.


5.00pm Finish.