Dear Colleagues

As a member of the Board, I warmly invite you to consider attending the AGM this year in order to participate in the development of Working Together for the future of Anthroposophic Medicine in Australia. I am hoping that representatives from each group of Professional Modalities will come forward to report on the activities of that group and to present a concept of how to work together more effectively. So far, there has been very little response, which is quite disappointing, however I feel optimistic that perhaps at the last minute some of you will step forward and offer your insights.

My vision is that we could also have a representative from each professional group on the Board, so that we can fulfil the vision of an umbrella organization. This year, there will only be three remaining Board members. So if you would like to be nominated or nominate someone, please do this as soon as possible?

If you would like to speak with me further, you are welcome to contact me on my email:  or my mobile telephone 0408 655 985,

With warm wishes from Irmhild Kleinhenz.