Research Conference 2018_SAVE THE DATE (PDF)


 Research Conference at the Medical Section, Dornach:  Perspectives and Strategies for Research in Anthroposophic Medicine

March 9th-11th 2018 (currently planned: March 9th 12.30 to March 11th 12:30)


Dear friends,

dear stakeholders in Anthroposophic Medicine (AM) research

clinicians, therapists and nurses representing AM and with interest in research,

members of research foundations,

representatives of AM associations,

representatives of AM pharmaceutical industries,

patient representatives,

politically engaged individuals.


Please SAVE THE DATE for this International Research Conference (March 9th to 11th 2018).


The focus of the conference will be on clinical and preclinical research.


The purpose of the conference is:


  • presenting perspectives of the different stakeholders on clinical research

(particularly the current research projects and future goals of the scientists and institutes, and the necessities for further evolvement);


  • discussing and concluding a consensus-based strategy for future AM research;


  • developing perspectives for a supportive international collaboration;



Please inform colleagues who might be interested. A detailed agenda of the conference will follow.


With cordial greetings from the Medical Section, IKAM and Research Council


Gunver Sophia Kienle, Helmut Kiene, Georg Soldner, Matthias Girke





Dagmar Brauer

Research Associate