Dear Colleagues

I am very happy to send you the program for the “Teach-the-Teacher Conference” from 15th to

17th September this year, that we had announced already in January. The concept of the conference

is interprofessional and so it was planned and organized by representatives of all medical professions.

It is open for all people, who are involved in educational matters of Anthroposophic Medicine. This

years central theme is called “The patient in the Focus of education”, a motive we will discuss in

different modules and didactic techniques, for which we count on the active work of all participants.

Please notice, that there is a limitation of 60 participants, so an early registration is recommanded.

Also all questions concerning registration matters should be directed to the conference office at the

Goetheanum (look at registration form) exclusively to avoid any confusion.

Directly after the conference we will hold a workgroup during the annual conference, whereas we

will plan the “Teach-the-Teacher-Conferences” II and III for 2014 and 2015, based on the experiences

we will have made this year. Anyone who is interested in this work is happily invited to join in. You

will find this Workshop in the program of the annual conference.

Please spread the program within your Mailing lists and to all the people, who could be interested. Thanks a lot!!

We are very excited to see what we all can learn during this conference and are looking forward to see you as

active participants in September.

Best wishes and kind regards

Jan Feldmann

IKAM Coordinator for Medical Education

Flyer Teach-the-Teacher

TTT 2014 Registration