2nd weekend of October 2013.

The AAMA group came together for their yearly AGM and preceding Seminar; this year under the title: WORKING TOGETHER – ANTHROPOSOPHICAL MEDICINE AND THERAPY IN AUSTRALIA at The Michael Centre, Warrenwood, Melbourne.


It all began Friday evening 11th October at 7pm with a Public Lecture by Dr Simon Bednarek titled “Fundamental Soul Questions – Our Identity and Destiny, and the Threefold Path of the Human Being”, sounds like a complex mix for a single evenings digestion. The room was well warmed with attendants from various areas of Anthroposophical endeavours. Simon opened his talk with, “Apricot for me is something I eat”, so it set the mood and pace for his delivery of the fast demanding world we live in, dropping in a few Steiner Meditations from different modalities and from Steiner’s book “Verses and Meditations” as suggestions for finding some quiet inner strength to cope with today’s crazy world of materialistic attitudes and relations that we must work through without becoming ill.

So this talk had no apricot, peach or turquoise hues, just clear black and white concepts delivered at the pace of a night truck on its way across the Nullabor to Perth. Simon generously offered a copy his notes to those that attended, if you did not write your email down please contact AAMA admin.

Saturday morning began with a thinned-out group from Friday night and Kate Graves arrived fresh and joyful to take us through some Hygienic/Therapeutic Eurythmy – as it must be in a group work (therapy is individual work), to be socially working together – the Seminars Theme.  Through Kate’s guidance we came to inner and outer harmony, with some laughs, challenges and consideration of others.

Simon lead us through “Community Working” with bare bones structure of Threefold Social Order.  Simon’s clarity with the concept of the three areas of: Culture, Rights and Economic was that for the staff they should in relation to the 3 areas (in the same order) be given and have expectations off freedom, transparency and accountability in their work, and in relation to how the organisation is seen by its customers be consistent, respectful and be reliable.

As an organization model it was something right there to take hold of.   He went on to speak about the wisdom available in Culture, cultivating compassion in the Rights and meditation to bring insights to the Economic area.

Simon then took us to the Michaelic Age of Heart Thinking as the “will” element in today’s doings e.g. Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine, Waldorf Education.

He briefly dropped in some thoughts on “Raphael and the Old Mysteries” as a helpful  force  to dissolve the possible hardenings caused by today’s life, culture and thinking by doing the “good” as relevant to today’s “truth”.

Once again if you missed any of the -points you can catch them on his notes from the AAMA administrator.

He finished this talk with a no fuss concise schematic graph of “Nine Stages of Conflict” – further work of our struggles in relationships. Time being half the ingredient and stress/tension its partner in conflict.  He pointed out that one must recognize the your own initial discomfort experienced in a situation, and at least by the time it has become a misunderstanding, begin some communication before the major incident or crisis explodes before everyone. As with many things in life, Simon pointed out these events come in threes. The remedy if you find yourself in such a situation:  consciously take it into your sleep and let the Angels help you awake to the answer in the following days.

We had some nice social time through a delicious lunch.  Unfortunately some participants had other afternoon commitments – we are pressed for time everywhere – and the group thinned further.

The afternoon was a practical workshop of The Threefold Listening Exercise.  Simon illuminated us on these, gave a handout and sorted us into groups of 4.

Personally I found this workshop quite rewarding – probably the highlight of the weekend. We each listened to another’s short story of an event/situation and the listening 3 people had each an individual task to listen and report on either The Thinking, The Feeling or The Willing aspect of the dialogue heard.

The space became intimate and personal, time slowed down. The dot points were gone and the human being was before me.  My heart opened, my ears were attentive to this individuals needs and my eyes became aware of the truthfulness of bodily gesture. Through this demanding but simple exercise I felt a true connection to the other and a possibility to build meaningful community, through understanding the other.

Sunday morning began with Kate bringing her enthusiasm to lead us in eurythmy; re-entering some of Saturday’s exercises and testing ourselves in group work in new exercises.  We finished in an inwardly quiet mood, strengthened.

The AGM began with approximately 8 of us representing the 70 or so members.  We went through its required practicalities of minutes, finances; the new nominations to the Board were ratified.  Simon Bednarek gave a quick picture of the current programme for the 2014 IPMT – almost there but still to be finalised.

We finished by lunch with all disbanding to homes and airports until next years AGM gathering on 2nd Weekend in October 2014.

Karen Foster