Please note the corrected dates of the 5th-12th of July 2014



The International Postgraduate Medical Training offers a pathway of development for the health professional seeking new insights and wider directions to their professional orientation and to meet patient need.

The IPMT, led by international experts in the field, is a comprehensive introduction to anthroposophic medicine (AM).

Participants will explore:

  • Practical Anthroposophic diagnosis and therapy.
  • Ways of strengthening diagnostic faculties.
  • Inner development to strengthen outer work.
  • Bringing new vision as well as new therapies to our medical work.


This conference is the Oceania section of the IPMT series that takes place in eighteen countries from Switzerland and Russia through Peru, India and Taiwan. A faculty of experts with an international reputation for excellence in medicine and teaching lead the week.

Anthroposophic medicine is an integrative system that adds a psychological and spiritual dimension to contemporary medical practice. It extends the arena of conventional medicine through an emerging salutogenic approach that identifies and utilises the sources and systems of self-healing and resilience rather than limiting itself to the present pathogenic paradigm with the disease focus so pervasive in present medical thinking. Essential to this approach is a methodology that develops the observational and contemplative skills of the individual practitioner in search of the processes working within health and illness.

Participation in this training week is available only to those health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice or are on a specific path of training. For medical doctors this course serves as part of the pathway to certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.


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