Following on from the successful visits of Dr Christian Grah to Melbourne and Auckland and Dr Adam Blanning to Napier, New Zealand , the AAMA and the Medical Section in NZ are please to advise 2 further seminars.

Fri 5-Sun 7 October an seminar on  The Therapeutic Community: Teachers, parents , doctors & therapists working together for the child with Autism/ADHD. This seminar will be led by Lakshmi Prasanna and include a video lecture of Michaela Glockler that she held in Portland USA this year. Lakshmi’s book (with co-author Michael Kokinos) ‘Autism: Meet me who I am’ has recently been published by Lindisfarne Books.

The AAMA AGM will be on Sunday 7th October in Byron Bay area, venue to be confirmed.

2019 – Wed 13-Sun 17 February visit by Dr Matthias Girke. The topic is Chronic Pain – a multi-professional therapeutical approach. The venue has not yet been confirmed. This event will be a modified IPMT. As 5 IPMT have been done IPMT from now on will be topic based with all modalities and sessions revolving around a topic. (Unfortunately the 2018 IPMT was not able to be held due to late cancellation of the venue booked, the unavailability of Dr Girke and our inability to find a replacement).