AAMA Board

Board of Management

AAMA is co-ordinated by a volunteer Board of Management. AAMA is registered in NSW as
an incorporated association – DFT Y2206644

Board members are elected for for three years before standing down, they can be re-elected.


Dr Narelle Savage

Public Officer

GP working with Anthroposophic Medicine since 2002. Member since AAMA began. Background: Began work as a nurse from 1973 until 1982. Assisting and teaching preschool to Class II in Waldorf Schools from 1985 until 1991. Medical school at University of Newcastle.

Tel: 61 2 94181388
Email: narellefs@hotmail.com


Ellen Sallows


Cristina Rubsamen


In 1996 I was part of the initiative of founding Rainbow Ridge School for Steiner Education now located at Lillian Rock near Nimbin. I was on the school board for 10 years and held the position of the treasurer. I have been employed by the school for the last 15 years and managed the office. During this time I have undertaken studies of Anthroposophic philosophy specifically in relation to education and therapeutic work. I grew up in Germany and trained in nursing and midwifery before I came to Australia 32 years ago. Here I studied homoeopathy and worked in private practice for some time.

For the past 16 years I have been actively involved in the Steiner / Waldorf school movement in Australia and my professional development has included studies of Extra Lesson, Bothmer Gymnastics and, to a large degree, elements of ‘School Health Consultancy’.

Through my involvement at a Steiner school from the pioneering stage into a more consolidated and professional phase I have learned much and gained a lot of experiences. I have great enthusiasm and a strong commitment to participate and offer my contribution to the ongoing development of approaches coming out of Anthroposophy. I always endeavour to keep the intention of the work, study and my services in relation to the teachings and philosophical indications given by Rudolf Steiner.


Michael Kokinos

Michael Kokinos is an Anthroposophic Physiotherapist, certified at the Goetheanum in 2015. He is the founder of Blue Sky Therapies – an intergrative health clinic with offices in Melbourne and Katherine. He practices craniosacral therapy and is a founding member of the International Working Group for Anthroposphic Craniosacral Therapy

He also holds a Masters of Health Management and has served as an advisor to the Australian Government on a number of ministerial boards in the fields of public health, disability and rural/remote health. He is a regular faculty member in the annual IPMT training in Anthroposophic Medicine, teaching therapists in Autralia and kindergarden/primary teachers in India.

A section of his masters was looking at research into health promotion in schools. Michael works as a consultant with Steiner schools internationally specialising in the use of rhythm and movement in the curriculum.. Michael also works in NT Indigenous community development and is the project manager for a Steiner Inspired Creche project in Arnhem land communities.

Email michaelkokinos@hotmail.com


Julie Lovett

Julie Lovett has studied and worked in Steiner Education for the past 30 years as an Early Childhood Teacher, Class Teacher, High School Teacher of Art and Physiology, Extra Lesson teacher, Anthroposophically trained Art Therapist and Educational Manager. A major turning point in her life was a block of 3 months, in the late 1980s, studying at the centre for social development in England.   She continued these studies with Coen Van Houten for a number of years. She also worked for many years in Steiner Teacher Training as the Academic Coordinator and Director of both Raphael College and Rudolf Steiner College in Sydney. At these colleges she lectured in Steiner Education, Painting and Drawing, Inner Development and the Evolution of Consciousness.  In 1999 her research for her Masters Degree focused on Steiner’s indications for Art and Spiritual Development.  She also worked as an Art Therapist for many years, in drug rehabilitation(part time) and both privately and in Steiner schools.  Her artistic experience stems from her studies as a Steiner Teacher, Anthroposophical Art Therapist and in depth painting/Goethean studies at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento as well as several months at the Wagner School of Painting at the Goetheanum.   Currently Julie is wholly focused on her work privately as an Art Therapist.

Email: julieisme82@hotmail.com


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