Our Mission Statement

The Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association fosters and develops Anthroposophic medicine throughout Australia by actively supporting research, training and colleagueship amongst its members both nationally and internationally.

It endeavours to carry and apply the principles of spiritual science to develop a conscious understanding of the illnesses and health challenges of our time.

We provide:

  • Support for practitioners wishing to work out of anthroposophy
  • A forum to share international research, information and clinical data
  • Professional development, seminars and workshops
  • Information for patients and the general public
  • Liaison with other health and medical bodies
  • Published practitioner directories and newsletters

AAMA is a not-for –profit association, is a member of the International Association for Anthroposophic Doctors, the Medical Section in Switzerland.
For contacts to the international co-ordinators movement for Anthroposophic medicine– IKAM click here.

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