We welcome new members (individuals and organisations) into the Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association, supporting:

  • a cooperative approach in Anthroposphic Medicine
  • access to the worldwide network of Anthroposophic doctors, nurses and therapists, and
  • links to research in the field of Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic medicine and therapeutics are practiced in over 60 countries around the world.

AAMA is the official link between practitioners of Anthroposophic Medicine in Australia to our colleagues around the world, with strong links and cooperation with our colleagues in New Zealand.

Our membership includes doctors, homeopaths, naturopathists, pharmacists, herbalists, nurses, body workers, physiotherapists, psychologists/counsellors, therapeutic eurythmists, students and other health care professionals.

Benefits to members:

  • Free subscription to our quarterly AAMA Newsletter
  • Up-to-date information on international courses and conferences in anthroposophic medicine
  • Discounted AAMA education and professional development
  • Benefit from being part of the international network of anthroposophic medicine
  • Networking and support
  • Certificate of Membership – on request

Types of Membership:

  • Professional Membership
  • General membership
  • Student membership
  • Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine