Wolfgang Devine

Even though he didn’t go to a Steiner School, Wolfgang Devine knew about anthroposophy from his family since childhood. His first contact was with the medical impulse of Anthroposophy becoming a member of the “Verein für ein erweitertes Heilwesen”, after his mother visited the Lukasklinik in Arlesheim for cancer treatment.

While studying psychology, he was part of an initiative to create a therapeutic centre, “Therapeutikum”, in which he experienced the difficulties of working socially together.  During that time, he took the step to becoming a member of the Anthroposophical Society, feeling that this belongs to working for Anthroposophy in an organisation oriented on Spiritual Science.

Marrying a Christian Community priest from Australia changed the path of life. He worked as a registered nurse in a hospital in Melbourne, and soon did one day per week injections and infusions at the Melbourne Therapy Centre for Paulo Moraes’ patients. He attended the anthroposophical nursing training at Taruna, NZ; yet had only limited possibilities to work with it in Sydney.

In Christophorus House, retirement village and hostel, Wolfgang took a position “Anthroposophical Co-ordinator”; a position that could be filled with much more therapeutical enthusiasm – if willing residents, organisational means, and the therapeutic circle were present. The main aspect was the attempt to build up some general anthroposophically tinged knowledge in talks with residents and, sadly only rarely, with carers and staff.

In Australia Wolfgang became a member of the School for Spiritual Science, and recently a class holder for Sydney. Wolfgang is part of the board of the Anthroposophical Society, St John’s branch. As such he intended to bring the ‘mother’ Society back into contact with the practical initiatives (schools etc.). When hearing of the need of board members in the AAMA, it seemed to be a good personal link to join the board there as well.