Jennifer James

Jen is a retired pharmacist with 45 years of experience, having gained a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Curtin University in WA. She became a member of the Anthroposophical Society in 1988 and of the School of Spiritual Science in 1989.

She has worked in various pharmacy roles in retail, hospital, manufacturing, and in medical practice reviewing patient medication for the doctors.

Her first contact with Anthroposophic Medicine was at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital where medicines were bought from Weleda. There was an opportunity for Jen and her pharmacy team to attend training at Weleda in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. This left quite an impression, as did the biodynamic food provided by parents of the local Waldorf school.

The result of this was that on returning to Australia and having children, she became involved in Waldorf education and ran playgroups before initiating a small kindergarten. A kindergarten parent took up the initiative which went on become the West Coast Steiner School. Jen’s children attended the Perth Waldorf School, where she became a member of the school council.

Jen was inspired to seek more knowledge of anthroposophy and its various aspects and attended many lectures and meetings.

After attending a medical conference in Melbourne, led by Michaela Gloeckler, further training occurred when she was asked to join Weleda NZ as the Quality Assurance Manager and Pharmacist. There were many conferences and seven International Postgraduate Medical Trainings to attend and some meetings.  She also gave lectures at some of the trainings and helped organise some of the doctors’ conferences that were held at Weleda NZ. She was also given the opportunity to attend medical conferences at the Goetheanum.

Currently she is a tutor for Foundation Studies – Fundamentals of Anthroposophic Medicine supported by Klinik Arlesheim and she runs an Anthroposophic medicine study group twice a month.

Other interests are two grandsons, dancing, music, and gardening.