The Nature of Pain and its Therapeutic Challenge
An integrative approach

with Dr Matthias Girke

Wednesday February 13-Sunday February 17 2019
Victoria University Kelburn Campus
Wellington New Zealand
Dr Matthias Girke returns to the Southern Hemisphere in February 2019 to lead our next Oceania Medical Section conference. The conference will have a new theme based format and be shorter than the traditional IPMT week. We welcome those with a background in anthroposophic medicine and therapy as well as those interested in what the anthroposophic approach has to offer their medical and therapeutic work. The evening lectures will be open to the public as in previous years.
The conference will be held at Victoria University Wellington with accommodation and meals at the Te Puni Village hostel next door to our classrooms. Victoria University’s Kelburn campus is a short walk from central Wellington and easily accessible from the airport and bus/train station. The flyer is in process and will be posted shortly with the registration form.
We are looking forward to seeing you in February.

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The International Postgraduate Medical Training offers a pathway of development for the health professional seeking new insights and wider directions to their professional orientation and to meet patient need.
The IPMT, led by international experts in the field, is a comprehensive introduction to anthroposophic medicine (AM).
Participants explore:
• practical anthroposophic diagnosis and therapy
• ways of strengthening diagnostic faculties
• inner development to strengthen outer work
• bringing new vision as well as new therapies to our medical work

About the 2017 IPMT


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About the 2016 IPMT

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About the 2015 IPMT

Dr Michaela Glockler led the expanding faculty whose new members included Dr Basil Williams from the USA, Dr Ernst de Jong psychiatrist from Perth, Truus Gerauts eurythmy therapist also residing in the USA, and Julie Lovett art therapist from Sydney.

The timetable had 6 streams to choose from, each stream included an opportunity to experience art therapy as part of the curriculum. See IPMT Workshop Descriptions

Michaela’s evening lecture series focused understanding pain, anxiety and other manifestations of the astral body and also included how we work with these experiences in relation to death and dying.

2015 IPMT Brisbane