Training and Education

English training in Anthroposophical Medicine

Emerson College

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophic Medicine
Arlesheim Clinic (online course in English)                                                                                                                                               Next course starts 2 March 2024. Register by 25 February. Information session 17 February 2024. Refer to website.

International Postgraduate Medical Training / IPMT

International courses towards certification as a Doctor of Anthroposophic Medicine

The International Postgraduate Medical Training offers a pathway of development for the health professional seeking new insights and wider directions to their professional orientation and to meet patient need.
The IPMT, led by international experts in the field, is a comprehensive introduction to anthroposophic medicine (AM).
Participants explore:
• practical anthroposophic diagnosis and therapy
• ways of strengthening diagnostic faculties
• inner development to strengthen outer work
• bringing new vision as well as new therapies to our medical work

The IPMT is offered as a series of  annual course weeks held in various locations around the world in person and hybrid/online.
The IPMT courses have also developed into valuable training opportunities for people from other healing professions, including eurythmy and art therapists, nurses and pharmacists.

International Postgraduate Medical Training / IPMT – welcome (