Guiding Vision AAMA

The AAMA is a vessel made of the inspired activity of health professionals who come together with a true therapeutic will to heal.

Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are fully qualified in mainstream medicine and hold additional qualifications in Anthroposophic Medicine.
The AAMA members strive for deeper understanding of health and resilience in the human being of body, soul and spirit. Anthroposophic medicine is always contextual in its approach – illness processes are considered in a spiritual scientific manner, together with the broader context in the life of each individual person.
While recognising the value of modern evidence based medicine, the AAMA also sees causes and effects of illness in relation to the spiritual development of the human being and the process of individualisation in human evolution.
The vessel of the AAMA is built on the firm foundation of past pioneers, yet its function and forms are flexible and evolving based on the needs of modern times.
Our scope includes preventative medicine and health promotion in all stages of life. Our work is to consciously co-create together with other AAMA members and the spiritual guidance of our time.

Members of the AAMA :

• Recognise the value and importance of the individualised therapeutic encounter between doctor/therapist and patient.
• Seek to be receptive to impulses from both the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, and our Australian terrain – the needs and work of our local members.
• Strive to be representatives of the guiding impulse of Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman.