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Available Books/Material

All material in stock can be ordered via email:


Anthroposophic Medicine BookletsThese attractive 17 page brochures are well presented for international use. They contain key information for patient and practitioner application. Published by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, the booklets are subsidised to support the growth of the anthroposophic medical movement.

Anthroposophic Medicine in Science and Research – an introduction to the current status of research in this field
Anthroposophic Medicine – an introduction to the concepts of this approach
Anthroposophic Medicines – an introduction to the way medicines are prepared and given
Anthroposophic Treatments – an introduction to various therapeutic modalities.

AAMA price: $12 for 4 booklets or $4 each , plus postage – now discounted to $2 each. Also available to download from

DVD: Anthroposophic Medicine
A film produced by Angelika Weber and Marvin Entholt.This 43 minute DVD gives an overview of clinics in Europe, the manufacturing of anthroposophic medicine, and of course anthroposophic medicine itself. It is a good DVD to play for an information session to newer members to school communities, medical centres or training centres. It contains English, German, French and Spanish versions.AAMA price: $20.00  plus postage. now discounted to $15
Anthroposophic Medicine
by Gunver Kienle, Dr. Helmut Kiene, Dr.Hans-Ulrich Albonico.This book is based on the recent Health Technology Assessment Report on anthroposophic medicine. It contains the first comprehensive presentation and systematic appraisal of the entire empirical literature on effectiveness, utility, costs and safety. 195 clinical studies have been assessed and evaluated, 53 studies are described in detail. The book also outlines the conception and practice of anthroposophic medicine as well as its basic research. There is also an in-depth discussion examining and elucidating the particularities of complementary medicine system evaluations.Hard back , 350 pages, published by Schattauer, New York ISBN-10: 3-7945-2495-0AAMA price: $55.00 now discounted to $30 plus postage please note that the AAMA is subsidising the cost of this book, book sale revenue will be sent to the Medical Section, Dornach. See and for further publications.
Australia Kolisko Conference Papers 2006Limited number of 2004 papers still avalable
Edited by Annette Brian and Sue Scott.Motivated by the interest in conference papers after the 2004 Kolisko conference in Sydney, the conference organisers chose to pre print the conference papers for ‘The Health Giving Power of Education’ conference 2006. Workshop facilitators were invited to submit a paper, and 18 were able to do so.Authors include Dr David Ritchie, Robyn Ritchie and Susan Turnbull of New Zealand, as well as Ben Cherry, Peter Glasby, Dr Paulo Moraes and Ann Jacobson. Topics range from Pathways to working with the etheric in education, The rate of learning to read in a Steiner School, to Autism and Asperger’s – the enchanted world.The Papers were published by the Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association and funds raised from this book are to be donated to the Medical Section in Switzerland. They are in A4 format, and have 95 pages.AAMA price: $27.50 now discounted to $15 plus postage
Education – Health for Life
Education and medicine working together for a healthy development
Edited and co-authored by, Dr Michaela Gloeckler, Stefan Langhammer and Christof Weichert.Out of the world wide impulse of the Kolisko conferences 2006, came the request for a conference compendium. The concept of the book developed from one of specific published research to a text which shares the experiences and thoughts of more than 15 individuals well known in their fields. The driving force for this text was Dr Michaela Gloeckler, paediatrician who was also a waldorf teacher. There are 20 chapters, with numerous sub-chapters, the contents of which range from The Task of the School Doctor, Gifted Children, Meditations for Teachers, to Projective Geometry. A particularly moving chapter contains questions from teachers, such as How do I love my children, particularly the difficult ones, and individual support work: what age can this start?Some of our experienced teachers have seen this book and said there is such a depth to the book that they can work with it for years.The books are in A4 format, have 309 pages and a soft cover with fold back fly sheet. They weigh approximately 800 g.AAMA price: $50.00 (discounts available for schools/society members)
Education and Teaching as Preventative Medicine Collated by Irene Groh and Mona Ruef. Part of the Persephone series published by the Medical Section, in response to world wide demand for more indications for observations and interventions when working with children. The book quotes therapeutic indications given by Rudolf Steiner for School Doctors and Teachers in Waldorf Schools. The range given is very wide, including classic issues such as poor memory, gifted memory, epileptic, goody-goodies (!), enunciation and many more valuable areas of concern.The book is a soft cover, blue, with a photo on the font, a 12 page inserted index and the text is 112 pages.AAMA price: $25 plus postage Curently not available
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